Biketoberfest at Daytona Beach

For when you quite imply cannot get enough Biker Stuff.







Biketoberfest will be coming in October which is the month
for which those wishing to get in some good riding before
winter will enter the Daytona area once again. It has the
feeling of change, because those coming from other
latitudes have an inkling by now of what is coming,
and it is not always so welcome. But the skies are
blue in Florida and the roads are smooth. So, the
bikes lumber along making noises like happy
animals on the way to another hunting grounds
as in times of old.

The Biketoberfest isn't as big as Bike Week,
which may be good or bad, depending on you attitude
toward such things. Whatever it is, it is grown into
a popular event with it's own unique style, and
quite a few people go to both the spring and
fall events. Not a bad life.
More Biketoberfest pics are in the archive, or
the main Biketoberfest page.

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